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Clinical Photos :  
Operative Photos
Appearance before Prepucioplasty
Site of Prepucioplasty
Site of Prepucioplasty after retraction of Prepuce
Site of Prepucioplasty after 6 months
Prepuce retracted after Prepucioplasty after 6 months
Normal appearance after Prepucioplasty
Hernia operation - Herniotomy
Hernia Sac opening
Hernia Sac till the Neck
Hernia operation incision
Hernia scar after operation
Undescended Testes Operation - Orchidopexy
Right Undescended Testes
Operative photo of testes mobilisation
Testes mobilised upto scrotum
Operation for Urethrocutaneous Fistula - Urethroplasty with Tunica Vaginalis graft
Urethrocutaneous fistula
U shaped incision
Urethral plate incised
Tubularisation of urethral plate
Tunica vaginalis graft raised
Tunica vaginalis graft laid over the Urethroplasty
Photo after repair
Female Epispadias Repair
Female Epispadias
Female Epispadias - after retraction
Incision for repair
Flaps Mobilised
After repair -Urethra and vagina seen separately
After Repair
Exstrophy Bladder Repair
Exstrophy Bladder
Mobilising the Bladder Plate
Raising the Rectus Muscle Flap
Bladder Closure
Medialisation of Rectus Flap
Rectus muscle sutured medially over Bladder Closure
Photo after repair
Photo 2 months after repair
Photos after Hypospadias Operation
Photo after operation for Hypospadias
Photo after operation for Hypospadias
Photo after Operation for Hypospadias
Photo after Operation for Hypospadias
Photo after Operation for Hypospadias
Operation for Hydronephrosis - Pyeloplasty
Pelvi-ueretic junction dissected and excised
Narrowed part of ureter split
Pelvi-ureteric anasomosis in progress with DJ stent in situ
After completion of operation
Operation for Absent Anal opening - Posterior Sagittal Anorecto Plasty
Photo before operation
Photo of site where anal opening is to be made
Photo of Rectum mobilization
Photo of seperation of common wall
Photo of Anoplasty
Photo after completion of operation
Operation for H-Type Fistula or Perineal Canal - PSARP
H-Type fistula
H-type fistula or Perineal Canal demonstrated
Mobilisation of rectum
Fistula tract excised and rectum separated from vaginal wall
Photo after repair
Operation for Pseudopancreatic cyst - Cystogastrostomy
Lump Abdomen
Incising posterior wall of stomach
Common Cyst and gastric wall
Cysto - Gastrostomy
After suture of anterior wall of stomach
Finger Injury Repair
Photo of injury to little finger
Photo after suturing
Photo after healing
Eye Lid Injury Repair
Eyelid Injury in Car accident
Operative photograph
One week after repair
Two weeks after repair
One month after repair
Operative Videos
Lap Salpingectomy Lap Paratubal Cystectomy
Lap Ovarian Cystectomy Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy,TLH
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy,TLH Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, salpingo-oophorectomy for torsion of ovarian cyst by Dr. Sharmishtha Patra
Laparoscopic Endometriotic Cyst Removal by Dr. Sharmishtha Patra